Basic Obedience

I Don’t Know About You, But I Find Dogs That Are Great At Basic Commands Are A Lot More Fun To Spend Time With Then Dogs That Haven’t Been Taught Commands Or Haven’t Been Taught Commands Correctly.

Something Else I Know That Some Of You May Or May Not Know Is That Dogs That Respond Great To Commands Most Often View The Humans In The Home As The Leaders & Have The Least Amount Of Behavior Problems.

If Your Dog Viewed You As The Leader, Your Dog Wouldn’t Dare Pull You Down The Street, Jump All Over You, Steal Your Food, Chew Up Your Shoes, Run Away From You & Would Never, Ever, In A Million Years Challenge You With Aggressive Behaviors Or Any Other Unwanted Behaviors.

A Trained Dog Is Not Only A Happy Dog, But Also A Much Safer Dog!

In Our Private Obedience Classes, You Have The Option To Work With A Fun Dog Trainer In The Comfort Of Your Home & Surrounding Neighborhood or You Can Work Privately With A Fun Dog Trainer At Your Local Pet Supermarket, Your Local Park Or Wherever You Have The Most Troubles With Your Dog.

Its Private, Its Fun, Its Highly Effective & Its Guaranteed For Life!

Advanced Obedience

Want To Have Even More Fun With Your Dog? Want To Reach Your Dogs Full Potential? Want To Give Your Dog Off Leash Freedom? Teaching Advanced Commands Is Obviously More Challenging For Your Dog, Which Is Great Mind Exercise & Mental Stimulation, Just As Important As Physical Exercise.

The More Commands You Are Able To Effectively Teach Your Dog, The More Your Going To Trust & Enjoy Your Dog. If You Fill Your Dogs Brain With Positive Behavior & Commands, The Less Room There Will Be Available To Learn Bad Habits, Like Learning To Not Listen To You When You Need Them To The Most.

Advanced Training Includes Learning With A Lot Of Distractions, Further Distances With Distractions & Possibly Even Learning To Do Every Command Without A Leash!

Executive Training

Executive Training Was Designed With A Few Goals In Mind, To Help Busy Families That Don’t Have The Time To Practice, To Help Families That Aren’t Physically Capable To Practice & To Help Families Who Simply Want A Fun Dog Training Professional To Do Most Of The Work.

Pet Therapy Training

OK, So Your Dog Has Completed Basic & Advanced Training, Maybe Even Learned Some Fun Tricks In Our Tricks For Treats Training Too. Now What?

Did You Know Its Actually Really Easy For Dogs That Listen Well To Become A Certified Pet Therapy Dog? Fun Dog Training LLC. Has Helped Hundreds Of Dogs Become Certified Pet Therapy Hero’s.

Requirements: Pass A 15 Step Test With A Certified Pet Therapy Evaluator. Upon Passing, You Would Receive An I.D. Badge For Both You & Your Dog,¬†Proving Your Dog Is Certified, So That You Both Can Enjoy The Many Benefits That Come From Visiting Children’s ¬†Hospitals & Retirement Homes With Your Certified Pet Therapy & Trick Dog!

How Great Would You Feel At The End Of The Day Knowing Your Hard Work In Training Your Dog, Paid Off By Bringing Countless Smiles & Laughs To The People Who Need It Most!

Tricks For Treats

Coming Soon

Behavior Modification

Lets Be Honest With Each Other, Most Of You Are Only Calling A Trainer Because Your Fed Up With Your Dogs Bad Behaviors. Maybe Its A Housebreaking Problem, Your Going To Tell Us You have Tried Everything & Nothing Works, Maybe Your Dog Pulls You On the Leash Or Barks At All Your Neighbors, Maybe Your Sick & Tired Or Tired & Sick Of Seeing Your Brand New Shoes Chewed To Shreds For The 10th Time.

Maybe Your Dog Has No Behavior Problems At All & Your Just Wanting To Ensure It Stays That Way. Fun Dog Training Has Seen It All. We Have Seen It All So Many Times, That We Had To Create Fun Dog Training 2.0 Just To Be Able To Help As Many People As Possible To Fix Behaviors That We Have Helped Over 4000 Other Dog Owners Fix.

There Is No Job Too Big Or Too Small. Whatever Problem Your Having Or Not Having, Fun Dog Training 2.0 Just a Phone Call Away! Make The Call, You Do Not Have To Spend One More Day Disliking Your Dog.

Same Day Free In Home Evaluations Are Available!


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