The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program is recognized as the gold standard for dog behavior. The 10-step C.G.C. test is also used by Therapy Dogs International as a prerequisite to more advanced Pet Therapy Certification.

There are many great reasons to obtain these prestigious certifications from the A.K.C. lets name just a few:

A.) Some Communities/Apartments are only allowing C.G.C. Trained & Certified Dogs

B.) If you have a banned or publicly criticized breed, you will be able to educate people and help fight against breed discrimination.

C.) It can help lower or sometimes even help obtain homeowners insurance that otherwise might not have been possible without losing your dog.

D.) It can help you feel very comfortable & much more confident about taking your dog with you to crowded and distracting events with the family because you know your dog has proven that listening in these situations is a breeze!

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E.) Last, but certainly not least, for those that go the whole distance and obtain the Pet Therapy Certification.

I do not think you will find many things in life that are more rewarding then being able to safely take your dog to a children’s hospital or nursing home to bring joy to sick children and our sick elderly communities in desperate need of a few moments of unconditional love that your dog will happily offer!

You & your dog have worked really hard along the way! You may as well finish up by receiving an honorary C.G.C. Certificate from the A.K.C. and an optional Pet Therapy Certificate, I.D. Badge & Volunteer Vests for both you and your dog, in addition to your Fun Dog Training Graduation Certificate!

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