Our Experience

The Fun Dog Training  & Fun Dog Training 2.0 Staff Has Over 75 Years Of Combined Obedience & Behavior Modification Experience In South Florida. We Staff 7 Full Time Certified Professional Trainers, Who Have Each Chipped In To Help Train Over 6000 Dogs Since Our Opening In 2007!

We Have Just Recently Celebrated Our Grand Opening of Fun Dog Training In New Jersey, Already staffed With 3 More Trainers. If Your a Jersey Snow Bird or Ever Need To Move To Jersey, Then You Will Enjoy The Added Benefit of Having Fun Dog Training In Both States.

If Your Asking Yourself What The Difference is Between Fun Dog Training and Fun Dog Training 2.0. The Answer is Pretty Simple.

Fun Dog Training Focuses Mostly On Private In Home Training With Behavior Modification. If You Are Experiencing Behaviors At Home That You Want To Modify, Then Private Training at Home Will Typically Yield The Best Results. It Can Be Difficult To Correct a Behavior Happening at Home, In a Group Setting.

Fun Dog Training 2.0 Mostly Focuses On Group Class Training. Group Classes Are a Great Solution For Dogs That Are Not Aggressive, That Need Socializing While Learning Basic & Advanced Commands. We Also Offer Fun Trick Group Classes & Rewarding Pet Therapy & CGC Group Courses.

Want The Best Of Both Private In Home & Group Training Courses? Your In The Right Place! All Private In Home Courses Include Group Classes For Free Upon Completion Of Private Training!

Meet The Owners

Fun Dog Training 2.0 Is Locally Owned & Operated by Tim Barker of Palm Beach County & Todd Schreiber of Broward County.

Todd Schreiber, Originally From Philadelphia, Spends Half Of His Time Saving Humans & Their Pets as a Broward County Firefighter/Paramedic. With 25 Years In The Firehouse, 6 Of Those Years In The Trauma Helicopter Performing Some Of The Most Daring & Riskiest Rescues Possible. Todd Has a Long and Storied Career Highlighted By Being Nominated & Winning The Prestigious “Paramedic Of The Year” Award, Recognizing Him For His Excellence In Performing Emergency Medical Services.

Its No Surprise That Todd Has a Huge Passion For All Things Breathing, But Especially Dogs Have A Special Place In His Heart.

Todd & His Wife Tara are Blessed To Enjoy The Unconditional Love & Companionship of Their 7 Year Old Labrador Retriever, Can You Guess His Name? You Got It! He is Named Harley!

When Presented With An Opportunity To Be Apart Of Fun Dog Training 2.0, He Knew Right Away He Wanted To Be Part Of A Company Dedicated To Saving Dog Life, While Reducing the Stress In Humans That Is Normally Present When Owners Are Experiencing The Trials and Tribulations Of Living With a Difficult, Untrained Dog.

While Todd Is Not a Certified Trainer and Doesn’t  Pretend To Be One. Todd Instead Brings Other Very Valuable Assets To The Operation Including Accounting Skills, Marketing Skills & Employee Management That He Has Learned From Owning & Operating Previous Businesses.

In His Spare Time, He Enjoys Riding His Harley, Traveling and Repeatedly Watching The Eagles Implode By Half Time!

Tim Barker Originally From Illinois, Is The Full Time Acting Owner & Founder Of Fun Dog Training. He Opened For Business In January, 2007.

Tim Has Spent The Last 15 Years Learning Every Aspect Of The Dog Training Business. He Started In The Industry Back In 2002 When He Was Hired at Another Popular Training Company Named Canine Counselors. Tim Started at The Bottom, But His Natural Passion For Helping People Helped Propel Him To a Management Position In Just A Short Couple of Years.

When Asked “Why Did You Settle On Running a Dog Training Business” Tim Replied ” Sometimes In Life, We Don’t Choose Our Path, Rather The Path Chooses Us, When I Realized That What I Was Doing  Each Day, Was Preventing Dogs From Loosing Their Families & The Homes They Lived In, It Immediately Changed From Being a Job To Being a Calling”

“I Do This For Them, The Dogs, Who Almost Always Are Misunderstood. Far Too Often They Get Punished For Nothing More Then Being a Dog. We All Need To Really Fully Understand That Bad Dog Behavior Is Only Bad Behavior To Us. They Are Just Being Dogs. What I Find Amazing Is Our Dogs Love Us So Much That They Allow Us To Train Them To Be More Human Like ,By Behaving In a Fashion That Is Acceptable To Us Humans, All To Please Us”

Tim Has Personally Overseen Over 6000 Training Cases. He Has Been Bitten 5 Times, Scratched 900 Times, Jumped On 900 Times, Peed On 4 Times, Pooped On 2 Times, Licked & Kissed On 1000s of Times, Been Yelled at By Stressed Out Owners at 4am, Then Thanked Repeatedly By 4pm By The Same Angry Clients, Worked 120 Hour Work Weeks 50 Times, Has Pet Sit 7 Dogs On Major Holidays 14 Times, Has Lost Full Nights Of Sleep Over Hard Cases 25 Times.

Even After All Of That, Tim Will Tell You He Loves His Career And Could Not See Himself Doing Anything Else. Thank God For People Like Tim, Because I Know Most Couldn’t Do It.

Tim Also Swears That Barker Is His Real Last Name!


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